Zerust ICT510-OPS Outdoor Preservation VCI Shrink Film

Use Zerust/Excor ICT510-OPS VCI Shrink Film for long-term outdoor storage and mothballing of parts and equipment.

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Zerust®/Excor® Outdoor Preservation VCI Shrink Film provides advanced protection to metals with Zerust Vapor Inhibitor (VCI) technology. It is a premium 8-mil, high strength shrink film with UV stabilizers for 3 years outdoor protection. The film shrink and conforms to objects when heated to repel moisture and contaminants. Zerust VCI saturates the interior of the packaging to protect hard-to-reach spaces and voids from corrosion.

This specially designed VCI shrink film is ideal for lay-up and mothballing of equipment, vehicles and outdoor storage of components. Multiple sheets can be shrunk together for any size application such as structures and machinery. Zerust Outdoor Preservation Film protects valuable metal assets and makes them ready to use whenever and wherever they are needed.

  • High strength and performance
  • 3-year outdoor protection
  • Proven corrosion and UV protection
  • Excellent shrink properties
  • Superior handling and drape
  • Safe for electronics

Custom options and printing available upon request. Minimum order quantities apply.

Stock No. Dimensions x Thickness Color Protection
100-F-00077 40" x 425' x 8 MIL Clear Ferrous
100-F-00070 20' x 100' x 8 MIL Gray Ferrous
250-X-00007 4” x 108’ x 6 MIL Gray N/A
250-X-00008 6” x 108’ x 6 MIL Gray N/A
250-X-00001 144mm x 55m x 7 Mil Preservation Tape White N/A