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The ZERUST®/EXCOR® Z-CIS® Methodology

Do you want to…

  • Eliminate corrosion concerns?
  • Achieve rust-free shipment yields of up to 100%?
  • Reduce money lost to corrosion by at least 10%?

​We’ll show you how with the Z-CIS® System!

The ZERUST® Corrosion Inhibiting System (Z-CIS®) is the proven methodology for deploying the complex corrosion management systems necessary to ensure the protection of metal products shipments as they are handled by multiple (internal and external) stakeholders in transit around the world. ZERUST®/EXCOR® Z-CIS® is proven to meet both the rust-free and contaminant-free requirements of various OEMs sourcing from a global supply base. After implementing a Z-CIS® System, our clients generally realize total cost savings of at least 10% and rust-free shipment yields as high as 100%. Consult a ZERUST®/EXCOR® representative today to solve corrosion issues in your supply chain.

Z-CIS® Five Phase Approach
corrosion management program All entities involved in your supply chain (internal and external) affected directly or indirectly by corrosion concerns are identified as stakeholders and contacted by a ZERUST®/EXCOR® representative.

Each entity completes a Z-CIS® Questionnaire either independently or in a phone interview, so the ZERUST® Corrosion Engineering Team can properly understand all potential root causes of corrosion at the start of the project.

corrosion management program The ZERUST® Team reviews the project scope, corrosion control system performance requirements, and critical issues with all stakeholders.

The Z-CIS® Deployment Proposal is distributed. This document outlines the work that the ZERUST® Team would need to perform, the cost associated with the project, our initial recommendations, and any additional items/information required from the stakeholders.

Key stakeholders review and sign off on the Z-CIS® deployment proposal authorizing the ZERUST® team to start work.

corrosion management program The ZERUST® Team collects product samples from the manufacturing site, draws samples of all processing fluids and wash chemistry from the production line, evaluates the climatic stress impact of the shipping route, updates process FMEA documents, reviews process control plans, etc.

Products and fluid samples are tested in one of our regional laboratories located around the world for corrosion management system compatibility.

The ZERUST® team recommends a corrosion protection system (several recommendations may be generated) in the Z-CIS® Deployment Recommendations document.

corrosion management program A review is required with all stakeholders to agree on the corrosion protection system to be deployed.

The ZERUST® Team works with the organizations directly involved in the process change (if any) to deploy the recommended solution. The corrosion protection system is executed in a viable time frame.

Trial shipments are made and monitored to ensure that the new Z-CIS® System is working properly.

corrosion management program Regular audits against the Z-CIS® Deployment Recommendations document are conducted to ensure that the process remains in control and improvements are implemented.
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