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Oil & Gas VCI
  • Oil & Gas VCI
  • Oil & Gas VCI
  • Oil & Gas VCI
  • Oil & Gas VCI
  • Oil & Gas VCI

ZERUST® VCI Corrosion Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

ZERUST® has a specialized team dedicated to the oil and gas industry’s corrosion protection needs. As a result, our ZERUST® Oil & Gas technologies have been successfully implemented across refineries, oil rigs, pipelines, and tank farms around the world.

By combining our proprietary ZERUST® inhibitor formulations with traditional corrosion mitigation methods today (cathodic protection, coatings, etc.), ZERUST® advanced technology yields several unique and innovative solutions that counter costly corrosion problems in the oil, gas, and process chemical industries.

Solutions are provided for flanges, oil tanks, downhole, and more. For more information on ZERUST® Oil & Gas solutions such as Zerion®, Flange Saver® VCI covers, and Auto Fog, please visit our ZERUST® Oil & Gas website at www.zerust-oilgas.com.

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  • Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • Pipeline Casing Protection
  • Offshore Rigs / Platforms / FPSOs
  • Equipment Preservation
  • Spare Parts Protection
  • Retail Gas Stations
  • Maintenance time is significantly reduced
  • Maintenance costs can be more than halved