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Corroded electric cabinet damaged by harsh conditions in a wastewater treatment facility.
  • Corroded electric cabinet damaged by harsh conditions in a wastewater treatment facility.
  • ZERUST ActivDri packet installed inside an electronic control panel at a wastewater treatment plant.
  • ZERUST ActivDri packet placed within an electronic cabinet to prevent corrosion and moisture damage.
  • Severely corroded electrical components in a wastewater treatment facility, highlighting the need for protection.

ZERUST® VCI Solutions for Wastewater Corrosion Protection

ZERUST® corrosion inhibiting products are a cost-effective way to provide wastewater corrosion protection for electrical components and equipment from the destructive effects of corrosion, even in wastewater facilities with highly corrosive environments. For over 50 years, ZERUST’s proprietary vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) technology has been proven safe and effective for protecting sensitive metals. Furthermore, the cost and inconvenience of corrosion don’t have to be accepted. Now there is a solution with ZERUST®.

Reduce electronic equipment failures that lead to downtime due to corrosion with ZERUST® corrosion protection. ZERUST® protects even in electronic enclosures in corrosive atmospheres with high humidity, condensation, or traces of aggressive pollutants such as sulfides and chlorides found in wastewater treatment environments. ZERUST® corrosion inhibitor technologies work to combat these corrosion causes, even acid gases and moisture.

ZERUST® field engineers have extensively studied our product’s effectiveness in wastewater plant environments and can provide an analysis of compatibility using recognized test procedures.

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ZERUST® offers a wide array of wastewater corrosion protection solutions that are safe for electronics and tough on humidity and contaminants.

ZERUST® Diffusers & Emitters for Wastewater Corrosion Protection

ZERUST® ActivCapsule™ FAC1-1(S) is a simple, effective drop-in flash-corrosion prevention capsule using VCI technology for protecting metals in hard-to-reach areas or alongside other ZERUST® products. Easily installed with an adhesive back, it releases non-toxic, invisible vapors that safeguard metal surfaces, allowing for immediate processing post-removal. It offers up to 1 year of corrosion protection for aluminum and ferrous metals in sealed environments and is compatible with copper and brass, ensuring comprehensive metal safety.

ZERUST® ActivTab™(LS) tablets deliver immediate flash corrosion protection for metals in confined spaces, like electronic cabinets, with a simple placement and enclosure sealing process. These invisible, non-toxic VCI vapors safeguard ferrous metals, aluminum, and yellow metals like copper and brass (without direct contact) for up to 6 months in sealed environments. ActivTab™(LS) provides an efficient corrosion prevention solution for hard-to-reach areas.

ZERUST® Vapor Capsules safeguard electronics from corrosion with advanced VCI technology, designed for enclosed spaces like control panels and electrical cabinets. Easy to install, these capsules emit an invisible, non-toxic vapor that protects exposed metals against rust and tarnish during operation, storage, and shipment. Ideal for use with other ZERUST® VCI products for enhanced protection, they ensure metals are ready for immediate processing once removed. Offering up to 1 or 2 years of corrosion defense, these capsules provide efficient and targeted protection for the electronics in the wastewater industry.

ZERUST® ZAK-M22 Vapor Capsule harnesses advanced VCI technology for protecting metals in enclosed areas like control panels, complementing other ZERUST® products for optimal corrosion control. Easy to install with an adhesive backing, it includes a unique QR code for monitoring via the ZERUST® ZAP App, offering a seamless maintenance schedule. This capsule emits non-toxic VCI molecules that shield against rust and tarnish during operation, storage, and shipment. Effective for up to 2 years, ZAK-M22 delivers unparalleled metal preservation in a compact, innovative design.

ZERUST® ActivDri™ PWA Packets offer an efficient dual-action solution for protecting electronics against corrosion and moisture. Combining moisture absorption with invisible, non-toxic Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology, these packets safeguard sensitive electrical components during operation, shipping, and storage. Suitable for ferrous metals and aluminum, they provide up to 12 months of protection in sealed environments and are compatible with yellow metals and silver.

ZERUST® Rust Preventatives for Electronics

ZERUST® Axxanol™ 718-ESS is a versatile corrosion inhibitor spray tailored for electronics, offering robust protection in environments with acid gas vapors and humidity. Ideal for safeguarding electronic components, electric cabinets, and junction boxes located in wastewater facilities, it also serves as a lubricant for metal surfaces like hinges and machinery. This easy-to-apply spray creates a thin, water-displacing film that’s non-staining and non-hardening, ensuring electronic parts remain unaffected in terms of conductivity. Suitable for both indoor use and short-term outdoor applications.

ZERUST® VCI Packaging Films for Wastewater Corrosion Protection

ZERUST® ICT®510-C Multimetal VCI Film delivers targeted corrosion prevention in aggressive environments, suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals in transit or storage. Emitting safe, invisible VCI vapors, it protects electronic components and equipment against rust, with the flexibility of various packaging formats, including rolls, sheets, and bags. Once removed, the VCI evaporates, making metals ready for immediate use. Customizable with options like anti-static additive, ICT®510-C offers a comprehensive solution for electronic components’ corrosion challenges in wastewater environments.

ZERUST® ICT®510-ATS VCI Film offers a dual-protection solution for electronics in the wastewater industry, safeguarding electrical components against electrostatic discharge and corrosion during shipping, storage, or processing. ICT®510-ATS combines anti-static additives with VCI technology to protect a variety of metals, including ferrous, aluminum, and copper, without leaving residue. Ideal for electronics and electrical assemblies, the film ensures metal surfaces are protected by invisible, non-toxic VCIs, allowing for immediate use post-unpackaging. Available in multiple formats like rolls and bags, ICT®510-ATS provides versatile and reliable protection for electronic components in wastewater facilities.

ZERUST® ICT®520-CB1 Anti-Tarnish Film is designed for electronics, preventing tarnish by blocking acid gases during shipping, storage, or assembly. This film, impregnated with acid-gas scavengers, protects sensitive metals like silver, copper, and brass used in electronic components and wiring, ensuring they remain oxidation-free without residue. Compatible with other ZERUST® VCI products for comprehensive protection, ICT®520-CB1 is cost-effective and clear for easy inspection. Available in rolls, sheets, and bags, with customization options such as an anti-static additive, it safeguards electronic metals.

  • Longer equipment life and sustained reliability
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduced downtime and fewer repairs
  • Protection from corrosion for multiple metals types
  • Solutions for other issues such as electrostatic discharge (ESD), acid-gas, and Ultra Violet (UV)