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Zerust® ICT®520-CSL Cold Seal VCI Film

Significantly reduce your labor and equipment costs by switching to Zerust® ICT®520-CSL Film. Zerust® ICT®520-CSL film forms a strong seal in seconds without heat-sealing, tape or staples.

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Zerust® ICT®520-CSL Film is a cold-adhesive film made with proven Zerust® Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs). It provides superior corrosion protection in an easy-to-use cold-seal film. Use it to protect bare metal parts, such as gears, differential units and axle ends. Zerust® Cold Seal Film protects multiple metal types, through both contact and vapor corrosion inhibitors, for years.

Zerust® Cold Seal Film saves valuable time, equipment, and labor in packaging operations by eliminating the need to heat-seal, apply tape or staples. Zerust® ICT®520-CSL Film bonds to itself, creating a self-adhesive closure in seconds. In addition, the film bonds only to itself and will not adhere to or leave a residue on the product that is being protected.

  • Reduce corrosion incidents
  • Save time, money & resources
  • Protected items are visible
  • Comes with Zerust® global on-site support

6″ – 36″ (15-91 cm) Sheeting
Perforated or non-perforated

2-8 mil (51-203 µ)

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