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ZERUST® Corrosion Solutions for Metalworking

Raw metal components typically undergo many metalworking processes such as cutting, grinding, milling, and washing before they are formed into the final product. As a result, metalworking fluids can contain corrosion-causing contaminants that generally originate in the water sources used to prepare the fluids. Contaminants may also build over time due to drag-in and water evaporation.

Before packaging, components are commonly washed, rinsed, and dried. Washing and rinsing may remove soils and particulates, but contaminants that cause corrosion can remain due to incomplete drying.

Finished components are then packaged for shipment or storage. Corrosion can be accelerated due to fingerprints, dirt, incomplete drying or cooling, improper filtration, and direct contact with wooden containers or cardboard boxes.

A ZERUST®/EXCOR® representative can work on-site to identify the root causes of the corrosion problem. This process generally involves collecting samples of process fluids for laboratory analysis and evaluation. Then, guided by the results, our experts will work with you and your supply chain to implement the most cost-effective corrosion solution.

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ZERUST® offers a wide array of corrosion solutions for every step of the metalworking process.

ZERUST® Cleaning Solutions
ZERUST® AxxaWash™  NW-10C and NW-12C are wash-and-rinse solutions that effectively remove hydrocarbon soils and deactivate corrosion, causing contaminants such as chlorides and sulfates left by metalworking fluids.

Properly cleaned metals can reduce excessive packaging, resolve difficult corrosion issues and enhance the effectiveness of Zerust® rust preventative coatings and VCI packaging materials.

ZERUST® Axxatec™ & Axxanol™ Rust Preventative Liquids
ZERUST® Axxatec™ and Axxanol™ products are corrosion inhibitor coatings and additives that can be used as a standalone protection or as part of the final packaging system to increase corrosion protection effectiveness.

ZERUST® AxxaVis™ Corrosion-Inhibiting Additives
ZERUST® AxxaVis™ PX-10-HRD is a powder metalworking fluid additive that conditions hard water when deionized water is unavailable for metalworking applications.

ZERUST® VCI Diffusers
ZERUST® VCI Diffusers contain Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors in a drop-in product. Use the diffusers to protect void spaces and enclosures where coatings or VCI packaging cannot be applied. They can also be used to provide supplemental protection in large packages or challenging conditions. ZERUST® VCI Diffusers come in various sizes and formulations to meet your needs.

  • ZERUST® cleaners deactivate ionic contaminants, enhance the effectiveness of RP coatings, and prolong VCI packaging effectiveness and resistance to flash corrosion
  • VCI Packaging Film & Paper provides effective corrosion protection and packaging combined in one step
  • Metals are ready for use and assembly directly out of VCI Packaging Film & Paper
  • ZERUST® offers a wide range of rust inhibitor coatings ranging from oil-based, wax-based, water-based, and grease-based to oil additives
  • ZERUST® VCI Products provide safe and effective corrosion protection