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Zerust® understands the importance of a quick turnaround and providing our customers with the products that they need, and when they need them. That’s why, Zerust® has an inventory of 170+ corrosion inhibiting products in stock and ready for shipment.

It’s simple, fast, and easy!

See our in stock logo next to a part number? Then it’s in stock and ready to be shipped immediately from one of our two centrally located warehouses in Circle Pines, MN, and Fort Wayne, IN. Our Circle Pines warehouse primarily stocks our rust preventative coatings, rust removers, powder additives, and VCI emitters and diffusers. Our Fort Wayne warehouse stocks our VCI packaging products, including VCI film, bags, sheeting, and VCI paper products.

Minimal storage space at your warehouse? We can help!

Blanket orders are available that allow for your product to be stocked at our centrally located warehouse, with multiple scheduled delivery dates over a period of time, to take advantage of our quantity pricing.

No matter the corrosion problem you are having, Zerust® has the solution.  Review the VCI products below to find the best solution to your problem or contact us if you would like to speak with one of our corrosion experts!

  • VCI Packaging Films

    Zerust® is the original VCI film company and invented VCI infused plastic technology. Zerust® Packaging films are available in many stock and custom options. VCI Film comes in a range of sizes and MIL thicknesses and can be made in tubing, J-sheeting and c-fold sheeting. Some stock options are flat VCI bags, zipper bags and VCI gusset liners. A range of metal protection types are available as well as acid-gas scavenging technology and additives such as ESD and UV protection can be incorporated.

  • VCI Kraft Packaging Paper

    Zerust® VCI Paper packaging products are acid-free, pH neutral and are sourced from responsibly managed forests. They are produced in the USA without bleaching agents and in facilities powered with renewable energy. Your customer service representative can help recommend the ideal packaging solution for your application needs.


  • VCI Emitters & VCI Diffusers

    Zerust® offers VCI Diffusers (also known as VCI emitters) that provide targeted corrosion protection in hard-to-reach enclosed spaces or can be used as added protection to Zerust® VCI packaging products. VCI Diffusers emit powerful Zerust® corrosion inhibiting molecules into an enclosure that settle on metal surfaces and protect them from corrosion. They are safe for electronics, odorless*, non-toxic*, residue-free, and are designed to work in restricted spaces.

  • Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers

    Zerust® AxxaWash™ Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers consist of low foaming water-based cleaners with inhibitors and cleaner/degreaser products that are specifically designed to quickly and effectively remove light to medium hydrocarbon soils typically encountered in metalworking and metal finishing operations.

  • Rust Inhibitors, Preventatives and Coatings

    Zerust® offers corrosion inhibiting coatings that complement our VCI packaging solutions in manufacturing processes, storage and shipping applications. Zerust® rust preventatives and coatings range from effective water-based solutions to greases designed to give standalone protection, even in aggressive outdoor environments.

  • Consumer Products

    Zerust® products offer rust prevention and anti-tarnish protection for all your precious metals – from firearms to fine jewelry.

  • Industrial Rust Removers

    Zerust’s Axxaclean™ rust and tarnish removers are powerful solutions for the rework and recovery of metal items. Zerust® offers a range of technologies, from pH neutral products to more aggressive products that also inhibit flash corrosion on cleaned surfaces.


What is VCI?

Vapor corrosion inhibitors (also known as VCI) are substances that slowly release a corrosion preventative compound into a sealed air space, effectively protecting exposed metal surfaces. VCIs are often used in situations where it is impractical or undesired to use rust preventative liquids or other surface treatments.

How do VCI products work?

Zerust® VCI products contain vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) substances that slowly release a corrosion preventative compound into a sealed air space, effectively protecting exposed metal surfaces. These VCI products come in different products, which allow you to find the best solution to your rust problem.  These product lines consist of: corrosion inhibiting films, VCI bags, VCI sheeting, kraft papers, emitters/diffusers, powders, rust inhibitor coatings, additives, rust and tarnish removers.

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