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Keep items looking new and reduce maintenance costs by using ZERUST® ICT®520-XF Film to protect your car, motorcycle, ATV, or rifle from corrosion.

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ZERUST® ICT®520-XF Film offers superior corrosion protection with the use of ZERUST® Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology (VCI) for heavy, large, or irregularly shaped items. In addition, ZERUST® ICT®520-XF Film can be made into any cover or incorporated (sewed or laminated) onto existing fabrics.

Examples of ZERUST® ICT®520-XF Film products include automobile, motorcycle, and machinery covers, golf bags, gun cases, pallet covers, and more.

  • Reduce corrosion incidences
  • Keep parts clean and dirt-free
  • Save money & resources
  • Comes with ZERUST® global on-site support

Custom orders only. Please contact a ZERUST® Customer Service Representative for more information.

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