Zerust Axxaclean HPW-100C

Zerust® AxxaClean™ HPW-100C is a liquid, high-pressure wash additive used to prevent flash corrosion after cleaning processes. It provides powerful deactivation of ionic contaminants, such as highly corrosive chlorides and sulfates on metal surfaces.

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AxxaClean HPW-100 solution is a non-foaming cleaner that can be applied by immersion, high-pressure or ultra high-pressure wash. Typical applications include cleaning and surface passivation of metal surfaces contaminated by metalworking fluids, tap water sources or located near marine environments. Use Zerust Axxaclean HPW-100 on machinery, parts, and components or as an additive for high-pressure paint stripping.

AxxaClean HPW-100C is conveniently offered as a liquid concentrate and may be diluted per the application. For best results, dilute concentrate in deionized water. When using tap sources, pretreat water with Zerust AxxaVis™ PX-10-HRD. Use as a final wash or as an additional rinse for freshly worked parts. After cleaning, dry metals thoroughly and place into corrosion inhibitor packaging and/or coatings for storage and shipping.

  • Deactivates ionic contaminants
  • Prevents flash corrosion
  • Convenient concentrate
  • Enhances the effectiveness of RPs and coatings
  • Prolongs VCI packaging effectiveness and resistance to flash corrosion

Zerust® AxxaClean HPW-100C is sold as a liquid concentrate.

Stock No. Quantity Type
350-F-00007PL 5 Gallons Immersion, high-pressure or ultra high-pressure wash
350-F-00007DR 55 Gallons Immersion, high-pressure or ultra high-pressure wash