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ZERUST® Recovers Tarnished Sensors and Provides Protection From Further Corrosion with Anti-Tarnish VCI Film

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  • Inventory Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Work In Progress


OEM parts and service supplier


Recovery of tarnished sensors and protection from future corrosion


Restore sensors to fulfill warranty replacement part orders


ZERUST® custom cleaned the sensors and protected them from future tarnish with ICT®520-CB1 Anti-Tarnish VCI Film

Anti-Tarnish VCI
Anti-Tarnish VCI
Anti-Tarnish VCI
Anti-Tarnish VCI


An OEM service and parts organization needed to distribute 40,000 sensors crucial to the operation of the equipment they sold over the last 10 years as part of their warranty coverage. These parts were in inventory storage for many years and were no longer produced. When samples of these sensors were inspected before shipment, the sensors were found to have black copper oxidation on exposed areas of the gold-plated contact leads. As a result, all 40,000 sensors were deemed unusable for their purpose, and no replacement was found.

Anti-tarnish VCI Solution

The OEM contacted ZERUST® for a solution to their corrosion issues. ZERUST® performed a custom cleaning service and removed the copper oxide formation without damaging the gold plating or the encased component. In addition, the cleaned sensors were packed in ZERUST® ICT®520-CB1 Anti-Tarnish VCI Film to prevent further copper oxidation.

Sensors protected from rust & corrosion
For Years

Customer Satisfaction


The customer has been extremely happy with their oxidation-free results and now relies on ZERUST® for all their work-in-process, storage, and shipping VCI needs. Contact a ZERUST® Representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution most effective for your metal assets.

Anti-Tarnish VCI

ZERUST® corrosion experts recover tarnished sensors and protect them from future corrosion—enabling the supplier to fulfill their warranty service requests.
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Computer hardware packed in poly bag made of ZERUST ICT520-CB1 Film

ICT®520-CB1 Anti-Tarnish Film protects silver, copper, bronze, brass, and tin from unsightly and damaging oxidation and tarnish, by blocking corrosion-causing acid gases before they reach and damage sensitive metal surfaces in shipping, storage, and work-in-progress.

Engine components protected by ZERUST VCI sheeting in dunnage

ICT®510-C Ferrous VCI Film provides cost-effective and targeted protection against rust damage for ferrous metals, such as steel, iron, and cast iron in shipping, storage, and work-in-progress.

Engine packaged in ZERUST ICT510-C Multimetal VCI Film

ICT®510-C VCI Multimetal Film provides cost-effective and versatile protection against rust and corrosion damage for ferrous and non-ferrous metals in shipping, storage, and work-in-progress.

Copper wiring in ZERUST Non-Ferrous VCI Film

ICT®510-C Non-ferrous VCI Film provides cost-effective and versatile protection against corrosion damage for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze, in shipping, storage, and work-in-progress.

Rotors packaged in ZERUST ICT510-CLHD during shipment.

ICT®510-CLHD is a high density VCI Film that’s lightweight yet strong packaging solution. Furthermore, it’s specifically designed for interleaving, laminating, and serving as a superior alternative to VCI kraft paper during shipment, storage, or work-in-progress.

Connecting rod affixed to board with ICT510-SK

ICT®510-SK VCI Skin Film is a polyethylene skin film containing Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors that secures items tightly to a rigid substrate through a vacuum bonding process. As a result, ensuring that fragile items are maintained in a fixed, organized, and visible position during shipment and storage.

Metal coil protected with ICT510-SM for long-term preservation

ICT®510-SM Stretch VCI Film is a high-quality cast packaging film that wraps pallet loads, bundles, large items, and irregularly shaped metal objects during storage and shipping. ideal for use with machine-stretch applications, and smaller rolls are also available for hand-stretch applications.

ZERUST ICT520-HS film tested for strength in ZERUST lab using a dart test.

ICT®520-HS High-Strength VCI film is a lightweight and durable packaging solution that’s less likely to puncture or tear compared with traditional polyethylene film. Making it especially suited for applications that have demanding corrosion protection requirements during work-in-progress, shipping, and storage.

Automotive components packed in ZERUST ICT520-CSL Film

ICT®520-CSL Cold Seal is an easy-to-use cold adhesive VCI film that bonds to itself, forming a secure closure. Thereby, streamlining packaging operations by removing the need for heat sealing, taping, or stapling, saving time, equipment, and labor.

AxxaClean 2048 bottle, pail and drum

AxxaClean 2048 is a moderate-acting (nonhazardous) safe rust remover designed to eliminate medium rust and tarnish, even in the most hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. Additionally, it is mildly acidic (about 2.5 pH), similar to a soda drink that cleans and deoxidizes ferrous metals, brass, copper, and various alloys without leaving a gray residue.

Bulk packaging of ZERUST AxxaClean 3048

AxxaClean™ 3048 is a rapid-acting industrial rust remover designed to eliminate heavy rust and tarnish, even in the most hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. Additionally, AxxaClean™ 3048 effectively cleans ferrous and yellow metals of rust and tarnish, and with a pH of around 1, it minimizes disposal concerns.