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Long-Term Engine Storage System Protects From Corrosion

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Major diesel engine manufacturer


Corrosion protection for long-term engine storage


Protection for surplus engines for 2-plus years


Applied ZERUST® VCI Bags and ActivPak® VCI Diffusers to protect 2,000 engines for over 5 years without rust

Long-Term Engine Storage
long-term engine storage
long-term engine storage


A major agricultural machinery and diesel engine manufacturer approached ZERUST® with a long-term engine storage challenge. They had purposely produced a surplus of engines to meet anticipated demand. They required the engines to be stored rust-free for at least two years until they were needed for their long-term production use. Over 2,000 engines were to be stored in a non-climate controlled warehouse where the temperature and humidity varied. They were concerned this environment would cause rust. The storage location and ultimate destination of the engines were also located in two different countries to add to the complexity of the project.


ZERUST® worked in a strategic partnership with its existing packaging distributor as the key provider of corrosion inhibitor packaging and expertise. ZERUST® designed an extremely effective long-term engine storage packaging configuration that exceeded customer requirements. A ZERUST® VCI Gusset Bag with a ZERUST® ActivPak® VCI diffuser inserted inside tied off with a cable tie was the final solution. The customer set up an inspection schedule and replenished the ActivPak packets yearly. Engines remaining in the storage program 5-years later were still corrosion free.

The knowledge and experience of ZERUST® allowed them to work quickly and efficiently. ZERUST® was familiar with the requirements of packaging large engines. Working with the customer’s preferred supplier and ZERUST® products that had been tested and passed effectiveness and safety requirements and were listed on the customer’s national and international approval lists. Making roll out of the long-term engine storage seamless and successful for everyone involved.

ActivPak® VCI diffusers and ICT® VCI  bags protect 2,000 engines from rust & corrosion
For 5 Years

Customer Satisfaction


The long-term engine storage protection system met and exceeded the requirements. Over 5 years later, the stored engines are still corrosion free and ready for use as needed. Contact a ZERUST® Representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution most effective for your metal assets.

long term engine storage

Over 5 years later, the stored engines are still corrosion free and ready for use as needed.
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