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electrical corrosion inhibitor
  • electrical corrosion inhibitor
  • electrical corrosion inhibitor
  • electrical corrosion inhibitor

ZERUST® Axxanol™ 718-ESS

ZERUST® Axxanol™ 718-ESS is a multimetal electrical corrosion inhibitor spray designed for challenging environments where acid gas vapors and humidity are present.

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Axxanol™ 718-ESS electrical corrosion inhibitor spray leaves a thin, water-displacing, non-staining, non-hardening, soft film. Axxanol™ 718-ESS can be used on any metal surface, such as hinges, machinery, electronic components, electric cabinets, junction boxes, and all types of metallic sliding parts to provide corrosion protection and lubrication. Easy to use, suited for in-service use, and intended for indoor and short-term outdoor protection and lubrication. Axxanol™ 718-ESS does not modify the conductivity of electronic components. Axxanol™ 718-ESS contains no CFCs or 1,1,1-Trichloroethane. Axxanol™ 718-ESS was designed to conform to key aspects of MIL-PRF-81309H.

ZERUST® Axxanol™ 718-ESS electrical corrosion inhibitor spray is conveniently offered as a ready-to-use product. However, for large volume users who require a customized product for a specialized application, please contact your assigned ZERUST®/EXCOR® sales representative for further information.

  • Does not interfere with electrical contacts or resistivity
  • Leaves a thin, non-hardening, clear coating on surfaces
  • Good water displacement characteristics
  • Good acid gases, salt spray, and humidity resistance
  • UV fluorescence for ease of coverage determination
  • Conforms to key aspects of MIL-PRF-81309H
  • Protects metals indoors and outdoors
  • Not regulated for transport

ZERUST®/EXCOR® Axxanol™ 718-ESS is available in a ready-to-use liquid form. Contact your ZERUST®/EXCOR® representative for ordering information.

Part Number Quantity Protection
350-M-00092PT (12) 16 oz spray bottles / case (w/ spray nozzles) Multimetal