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Washes, rinses, machining coolants, lubricants, rust preventatives, and other metalworking fluids (MWFs) are all frequently used in industrial manufacturing facilities. Proper maintenance of metalworking fluids is required to preserve the health of the fluid, increasing the fluid’s lifetime, minimizing corrosion risk, and even reducing wear and tear on tools and machines. One of the easier aspects of metalworking fluids maintenance that is often forgotten about or overlooked is proper filtration.

A large variety of particulate contamination can find a way into a metalworking fluids just through normal use. Dirt, dust, fibers, plastic shavings, and metal fines or swarf, are just some of the particulate matter than can contaminate fluids causing a wide variety of issues:

  • Clogged/damaged spray nozzles
  • Quickly consumed corrosion inhibiting chemistry in metalworking fluids
  • Damage to critical surfaces with tight tolerances
  • Corrosion risk from increased time of wetness and galvanic effects

To demonstrate the impact on corrosion proper filtration can have, a sample of poorly maintained machining coolant was collected. A portion of this fluid was then properly filtered to remove any of the particulate contamination that was present in the sample. One panel was coated in the dirty fluid, and one panel was coated in the filtered fluid. After a week in an accelerated corrosion testing environment, (IEC 60068-2-30) the difference is clear – proper metalworking fluid filtration can help reduce corrosion!

proper metalworking fluid filtration
Figure 1 – Panel coated with a machining coolant as it was collected out of the sump, then placed in an accelerated corrosion testing environment for one week.

proper metalworking fluid filtration
Figure 2 – Panel coated with a machining coolant after it had been properly filtered, then placed in an accelerated corrosion testing environment for one week.


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