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foggable water-based rust preventative
  • foggable water-based rust preventative
  • foggable water-based rust preventative
  • ZERUST Axxatec 87-M ready-to-use dark amber liquid in application, showcasing its safe, thin, dry-to-touch coating for metal protection.
  • foggable water-based rust preventative

ZERUST® Axxatec™ 87-M

ZERUST®/EXCOR® Axxatec™ 87-M, a foggable water-based rust preventative that incorporates ZERUST® Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs), actively protects metals within the void spaces of tanks, packages, and enclosures. In addition, it also protects ferrous metals and is compatible with multimetals.

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ZERUST® Axxatec™ 87-M combines contact inhibitors with proven ZERUST® Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology (VCI) to protect ferrous metals as a foggable, water-based rust preventative. Additionally, its design specifically targets foggable rust protection within the void spaces of tanks, packages, and sealed areas. As a result, ZERUST® VCI molecules migrate to provide protection in even hard-to-reach areas within an enclosed space,  resulting in a clear, thin, dry-to-touch coating that is safe for use on most painted surfaces, rubber seals, and plastics. In addition, it is compatible with other metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, and nickel alloys, etc.

Worldwide Corrosion Solutions

For over 50 years, beginning with the invention of Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) film, ZERUST® has led the market in quality corrosion solution products. Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to providing expert corrosion management services and further adding solutions for our customers. In addition, ZERUST® users have access to on-site support from ZERUST®/EXCOR® representatives in more than 70 countries. As a result, our customers have peace of mind when they choose ZERUST® for corrosion control management.

  • Foggable water-based rust preventative with VCI
  • Ready to use, as well as easy to apply
  • Foggable VCI protects hard-to-reach surfaces in crevices and voids
  • Creates a clear, dry-to-touch protective film
  • Safe for painted surfaces
  • May be used with multiple metal types

ZERUST®/EXCOR® Axxatec™ 87-M is sold as a ready-to-use liquid product. For further ordering information, contact your ZERUST®/EXCOR® representative.

Part Number Quantity Protection
350-M-00029PL 5 Gallons Multimetal
350-M-00029DR 55 Gallons Multimetal