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bio based rust preventative oil
  • bio based rust preventative oil
  • bio based rust preventative oil
  • Metal components coated with ZERUST Axxanol 46-Bio bio-based rust preventative oil, packaged in ZERUST VCI for enhanced protection.
  • Gear coated with ZERUST Axxanol 46-Bio, bio-based rust preventative oil, showcasing corrosion protection and lubrication.
  • Axxanol 46-BIO

ZERUST® Axxanol™ 46-Bio

ZERUST®/EXCOR® Axxanol™ 46-BIO provides powerful yet environmentally beneficial corrosion prevention.

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ZERUST® Axxanol™ 46-Bio, a sprayable bio-based rust preventative oil, actively serves as a light lubricant, as well as providing corrosion protection on exposed surfaces, crevices, and recesses for iron, steel, aluminum, and related alloys. In addition to spraying, you can dip-coat, brush, or wipe Axxanol™ 46-BIO onto surfaces to create a thin, transparent, non-tacky film. Furthermore, its formulation from renewable vegetable oil not only makes it less flammable but also a greener alternative to conventional mineral-oil-based corrosion protection compounds (CPC).

Sprayable Cleaner Lubricant Preservative (CLP) 

This environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor also matches the performance of MIL-PRF-3150 medium preservative oils in all aspects except for its viscosity. However, it is a light oil with a viscosity of 46 centipoise. This results in a better flow than conventional 100 centipoise MIL-PRF-3150 oils. Moreover, the light, viscous properties of Axxanol™ 46-BIO make it ideal for compressed-air spray applications. It also stands up well against MIL-PRF-63460 cleaner-lubricant-preservatives and light CPC grades of MIL-PRF-16173, distinguishing itself with its bio-based composition.

  • Bio-based rust preventative oil from renewable resources
  • Proven corrosion protection
  • Easy-to-apply and sprayable
  • Easy to remove with cleaners or bio detergent
  • Non-staining
  • Better flow than conventional 100 centipoise MIL-PRF-3150 oils

ZERUST®/EXCOR® Axxanol™ 46-BIO bio-based rust preventative oil is sold as a ready-to-use liquid product. Additionally, contact your ZERUST®/EXCOR® representative for ordering information.

Part Number Quantity Protection
350-M-00011GL 1 Gallon (Case of 4) Multimetal
350-M-00011PL 5 Gallons Multimetal
350-M-00011DR 55 Gallons Multimetal