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ZERUST® Axxatec™ 85-F

ZERUST®/EXCOR® Axxatec™ 85-F is a ready-to-use water-based VCI rust preventative liquid designed for fogging and spraying applications. Axxatec™ 85-F protects ferrous metals by means of ZERUST® contact inhibitors and proven Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology (VCI), which migrate to protect hard-to-reach voids within an enclosed space, making it ideal for fogging into complex steel assemblies or packages that contain components with voids and chambers.



  • Water-based rust preventative with VCI
  • Ready to use, as well as easy to apply
  • Foggable VCI protects hard-to-reach crevices and voids
  • Creates a clear, dry-to-touch protective film
  • Safe for painted surfaces
Product Description

Product Description

Use Axxatec™ 85-F water-based VCI rust preventative for protection during assembly, shipping, storage, or inside vessels after hydrostatic testing. To gain the benefit of the VCI, use Axxatec™ 85-F in a tightly sealed, foggable enclosure or void. After application by fogging or pressurized spray and letting the coating thoroughly dry, it leaves a safe, thin protective coating that is safe for use on most painted surfaces. Furthermore, Axxatec™ 85-F water-based VCI rust preventative protects for up to 1 year in plain packaging and up to 5 years in hermetically sealed spaces or ZERUST®/EXCOR® VCI packaging. Axxatec™ 85-F does not contain solvent, is non-flammable, and complies with Global Automotive Declarable Substance, TSCA, ECHA SVHC, RoHS, and REACH requirements.

Why Choose ZERUST®?

For over 50 years, beginning with the invention of Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) film, ZERUST® has led the market in quality corrosion solution products. Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to providing expert corrosion management services and further adding solutions for our customers. In addition, ZERUST® users have access to on-site support from ZERUST®/EXCOR® representatives in more than 70 countries. As a result, our customers have peace of mind when they choose ZERUST® for corrosion control management.



ZERUST®/EXCOR® Axxatec™ 85-F water-based VCI rust preventative is sold as a ready-to-use liquid product. For further ordering information, contact your ZERUST®/EXCOR® representative.

Part Number Quantity Protection
350-F-00009PL 5 Gallons Ferrous
350-F-00009DR 55 Gallons Ferrous

Frequently Asked Questions

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