Zerust ICT VCI Corrugate

Zerust Corrugate is made with built-in corrosion protection. It protects metal parts from corrosion via the Zerust coating which contains both contact and vapor phase corrosion inhibitors.

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Use Zerust® ICT® VCI Corrugate on your next packaging project and get Zerust VCI corrosion protection and cardboard packing in one. Zerust Corrugate has invisible and odorless multimetal vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) built-in to keep metal surfaces rust and corrosion free for up to 1 year. Corrugate is acid-free, eco-friendly, and can be configured for many applications.

• Leaves no residue
• Reduces corrosion incidences
• Customizable, durable, and reusable
• Improves shipment yield rates

Custom size (minimum order quantity). Please contact a customer service representative for information.