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There are many ways to prevent corrosion, including modifying the atmosphere by dehumidification, nitrogen purging, evacuation, and more. Preventing corrosion involves creating a barrier on the metal surface to prevent the permeation of moisture.

This barrier can be formed by liquid coatings, such as oil, or via packaging products that contain VCI or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors. Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors work by diffusing corrosion-inhibiting molecules from a source (packaging film or paper for example) to metal surfaces. These molecules settle on metal surfaces and form a protective corrosion-inhibiting layer that inhibits the electrochemical reactions that cause corrosion to form.

ZERUST® Corrosion Prevention

ZERUST® combines the use of vapor corrosion inhibitors with material sciences and process management expertise to implement custom corrosion solutions for a customer or throughout an entire supply chain. We call this our ZERUST®/EXCOR® Integrated Corrosion Technologies or ICT®.

ZERUST® provides unmatched corrosion prevention products along with global technical support to all customers. Our team of experts offers a complete line of corrosion prevention solutions and corrosion inhibitor packaging. With on-site support in over 70 countries worldwide, ZERUST® has helped thousands of customers reduce corrosion and its costs.

Have a challenging corrosion prevention need, such as overseas shipping or storage in corrosive environments? Trust ZERUST® to help you manage corrosion in your operations.