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Ultrasonic cleaning solution
  • Ultrasonic cleaning solution
  • Ultrasonic cleaning solution
  • aqueous-based cleaning agent
  • Ultrasonic cleaning solution

Zerust® AxxaWash™ NW-12C

AxxaWash™ NW-12C is a metalworking wash and rinse fluid that cleans and deactivates sources of corrosion such as chlorides, oils and contaminants. Cleaning with the wash solution enhances the effectiveness of future corrosion prevention methods.

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Zerust®/Excor® AxxaWash™ NW-12C is a mildly alkaline, aqueous-based cleaning agent that can be used in immersion, ultrasonic, and low to ultra-high pressure (UHP) spray cleaning modes. In addition to effective hydrocarbon soil removal, a solution of AxxaWash™ NW-12C deactivates common corrosion causing anionic contaminants such as chlorides and sulfates left by metalworking fluids. Cleaning metals effectively results in 72 hours of flash corrosion inhibition. The product is conveniently offered as a liquid concentrate and may be diluted per the application.

Ideal for use on highly reactive ferrous metals such as cast iron and freshly worked steel. Metals properly cleaned with a solution of AxxaWash™ NW-12 have enhanced corrosion protection from products such as Zerust® Axxatec™ and Axxanol™ coatings and Zerust® VCI packaging materials. Thoroughly dry the cleaned metals before placing into the packaging. Check with your Zerust®/Excor® representative for a corrosion inhibitor system best for your metal assets.

Zerust®/Excor® AxxaWash™ NW-12C is sold as a liquid concentrate. Large quantity pricing available upon request

Part Number Quantity
350-W-00002PL 5 Gal (19 l)
350-W-00002DR 55 Gal (208 l)