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ZERUST® AxxaWash™ KF-121

ZERUST®/EXCOR® AxxaWash™ KF-121 is a low-foaming, alkaline, water-based cleaner compatible with hard water in a wide range of operating temperatures. Additionally, it’s an ideal cleaner when low application temperature is desired.



  • Can be used in ultrasonic, immersion, drum washers, and spray systems
  • Low foam metal cleaner
  • Low operating temperatures 115 – 135°F (46 – 57°C)
  • Effective light to medium-duty hydrocarbon soil cleaner
  • Convenient concentrate
  • Hard water-compatible
Product Description

Product Description

ZERUST® AxxaWash™ KF-121 Metal Cleaner removes light to medium-duty hydrocarbon soils on ferrous substrates and maintains low foaming under spray conditions. Following cleaning, you should rinse and remove AxxaWash™ KF-121 from the metal surface using RO, D/I, or distilled water. Moreover, apply a suitable ZERUST® rust inhibitor or preventative for maximum corrosion protection. Consequently, AxxaWash™ KF-121 Metal Cleaner, available as a liquid concentrate, allows for dilution according to the application. Additionally, it does not contain alkylphenol ethoxylates, boron salts, phosphates, or solvents, is non-flammable, and complies with Global Automotive Declarable Substance, TSCA, and RoHS requirements. Furthermore, speak with your ZERUST®/EXCOR® sales representative to obtain your operator guide.

Why Choose ZERUST®?

For over 50 years, beginning with the invention of Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) film, ZERUST® has led the market in quality corrosion solution products. Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to providing expert corrosion management services and further adding solutions for our customers. In addition, ZERUST® users have access to on-site support from ZERUST®/EXCOR® representatives in more than 70 countries. As a result, our customers have peace of mind when they choose ZERUST® for corrosion control management.



ZERUST® AxxaWash™ KF-121 Technical Data Sheet
ZERUST® Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers Brochure


ZERUST®/EXCOR® AxxaWash™ KF-121 is sold as a liquid-concentration metal cleaner. For further ordering information, contact your ZERUST®/EXCOR® representative.

Part Number Substrates Quantity
350-W-00004PL Ferrous substrates only (Not compatible with aluminum, galvanized, copper, bronze, and brass). 5 Gallons
350-W-00004DR Ferrous substrates only (Not compatible with aluminum, galvanized, copper, bronze, and brass). 55 Gallons
350-W-00004TT Ferrous substrates only (Not compatible with aluminum, galvanized, copper, bronze, and brass). 275 Gallons

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