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ZERUST® Streamlines VCI Packaging to Save Time, Reduce Costs and Improve Corrosion Protection

  • Export Shipment
  • Inventory Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Work In Progress


High-volume contract manufacturer


Corrosion prevention for finished parts


Streamline VCI packaging operations and reduce corrosion


ZERUST® ICT®510-CHLD High-Density VCI Film reduces VCI packaging time and cost and provides superior corrosion protection

Reduce Costs VCI
Reduce Costs VCI


A contract manufacturing and packaging house was looking to reduce costs. They were hand-packing thousands of parts daily in VCI Kraft packaging paper and sealing them with tape. Unfortunately, no machines were available to make the process more efficient and compatible with VCI Kraft packaging paper.

Reduce VCI Costs Solution

ZERUST® representatives analyzed the current system, the materials, and labor costs. As a result, they recommended replacing the VCI Kraft packaging paper with ICT®510-CLHD High-Density VCI Film. ZERUST® VCI packaging films can be used with many packaging machines, including the customer’s existing L-Bar Sealer. Automation decreased labor and material costs and increased the output of wrapped parts per hour. For example, the company found that using ZERUST® packaging film in the L-Bar Sealer tripled production, decreased the company’s cost by 70% and completely controlled the corrosion.

Metal parts protected from rust & corrosion
For Years


Customer Satisfaction


ZERUST® also performed side-by-side testing of the competitors’ VCI packaging paper and the ZERUST® VCI packaging film. The panels packaged in the competitor’s VCI packaging paper showed corrosion after only 3 days in a humidity chamber. The panels packaged in ZERUST® ICT®510-CLHD VCI Film showed no corrosion after 30 days in ASTM D1735 humidity chamber testing. In addition, ZERUST® VCI packaging film is mechanically superior to VCI paper – it is stronger, more difficult to tear, resists breakage at a higher impact force, and stretches to better manage any “stress” imposed on the package.

Contact a ZERUST® Representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution most effective for your metal assets.

Reduce Costs with VCI

Using ZERUST® Film in the L-Bar Sealer tripled production. Helping reduce VCI costs by 70% and completely controlled corrosion.
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Rotors packaged in ZERUST ICT510-CLHD during shipment.

ICT®510-CLHD is a high density VCI Film that’s lightweight yet strong packaging solution. Furthermore, it’s specifically designed for interleaving, laminating, and serving as a superior alternative to VCI kraft paper during shipment, storage, or work-in-progress.

Engine components protected by ZERUST VCI sheeting in dunnage

ICT®510-C Ferrous VCI Film provides cost-effective and targeted protection against rust damage for ferrous metals, such as steel, iron, and cast iron in shipping, storage, and work-in-progress.

Engine packaged in ZERUST ICT510-C Multimetal VCI Film

ICT®510-C VCI Multimetal Film provides cost-effective and versatile protection against rust and corrosion damage for ferrous and non-ferrous metals in shipping, storage, and work-in-progress.

Copper wiring in ZERUST Non-Ferrous VCI Film

ICT®510-C Non-ferrous VCI Film provides cost-effective and versatile protection against corrosion damage for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze, in shipping, storage, and work-in-progress.

Connecting rod affixed to board with ICT510-SK

ICT®510-SK VCI Skin Film is a polyethylene skin film containing Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors that secures items tightly to a rigid substrate through a vacuum bonding process. As a result, ensuring that fragile items are maintained in a fixed, organized, and visible position during shipment and storage.

Metal coil protected with ICT510-SM for long-term preservation

ICT®510-SM Stretch VCI Film is a high-quality cast packaging film that wraps pallet loads, bundles, large items, and irregularly shaped metal objects during storage and shipping. ideal for use with machine-stretch applications, and smaller rolls are also available for hand-stretch applications.

Pallet of materials shrink-wrapped with ICT510-SRK for comprehensive coverage

ICT®510-SRK Film is polyethylene shrink film impregnated with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors that shrinks tightly around the item when subjected to heat, providing a contoured fit and VCI protection.

Automotive components packed in ZERUST ICT520-CSL Film

ICT®520-CSL Cold Seal is an easy-to-use cold adhesive VCI film that bonds to itself, forming a secure closure. Thereby, streamlining packaging operations by removing the need for heat sealing, taping, or stapling, saving time, equipment, and labor.

ZERUST ICT520-HS film tested for strength in ZERUST lab using a dart test.

ICT®520-HS High-Strength VCI film is a lightweight and durable packaging solution that’s less likely to puncture or tear compared with traditional polyethylene film. Making it especially suited for applications that have demanding corrosion protection requirements during work-in-progress, shipping, and storage.

Roll of ICT420 for versatile corrosion protection

ICT®420 is an acid-free, pH-neutral, and non-abrasive VCI kraft paper that merges the practicality and cost-efficiency of paper-based packaging with advanced corrosion protection. Consequently, it streamlines the preservation of metals during work-in-progress, shipping, and storage.

Sheet of ICT420-35P illustrating corrosion protection

ICT®420-35P VCI Poly Kraft Paper is an acid-free, pH-neutral, and non-abrasive kraft paper coated with a one-mil thick ZERUST® ICT® polyethylene layer containing Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs). As a result, providing the kraft paper with increased tear and moisture resistance, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for the corrosion protection of ferrous metals during work-in-progress, shipping, and storage.