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Zerust® VCI Film Reduces Corrosion Costs and Fixes Rust Issues Created by Generic Film Product

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Major auto manufacturer


Corrosion prevention for CKD shipments.


Low-cost packaging film supplier failed to protect parts.


Switching to Zerust® ICT®510-C VCI Film saved $200,000 per month in corrosion costs.

VCI film
VCI film
vci film
VCI film


When a major international automobile manufacturer switched to a cheaper corrosion-inhibiting solution for overseas CKD shipments, it didn’t anticipate the cost-cutting decision to cause a negative effect on its bottom line. Prior to reducing spending, the company used Zerust® VCI corrosion-inhibiting packaging film and had no corrosion problems. Soon after switching to a generic product, the company learned the true costs of preventable corrosion. It wasn’t long before complaints of corrosion were reported by customer plants in the U.S. The lower-cost corrosion-inhibiting products, while promoted as “similar” to Zerust® VCI film, actually performed less effectively than plain polyethylene packaging that contained no corrosion inhibitors! Complaints and part replacements were costing the company over $200,000 USD—with no end in sight.


The company decided to reevaluate Zerust® products and used Zerust® ICT®510-C Ferrous and Multimetal VCI Film to protect shipments. Parts packaged with the Zerust® VCI film arrived in good condition with no corrosion—even at critical areas, such as welding points. The auto manufacturer decided to change back to using only Zerust® corrosion-inhibiting products. Corrosion complaints decreased significantly, and the manufacturer learned the true bottom-line value of proven corrosion control.

Automotive parts protection from rust & corrosion
For years

Amount saved by switching to Zerust®
Over $200,000 a month

Customer Satisfaction


The customer has been extremely happy with their corrosion free results, and now rely on Zerust® for all their work-in-process, storage and shipping VCI needs for their facilities across the US. Contact a Zerust® Representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution most effective for your metal assets.

VCI film
Zerust® ICT®510-C VCI Film
By switching back to Zerust® for all our corrosion protection needs, we were able to save our facility over $200,000 a month.
Facility Manager
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