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bio based rust preventative oil
  • bio based rust preventative oil
  • bio based rust preventative oil
  • Military Equipment Protection
  • VCI bag


Zerust® Corrosion Solutions for the Military (CAGE:  56758)

Zerust® has extensive experience in corrosion prevention and remediation for the military. Many Zerust® products conform to Mil Specs, have NSN numbers, and are actively used by members of the armed forces.

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Anti-Rust Weapon Protection Bags
Zerust® ICT®510-C Weapon Protection Bags are easy-to-use, light weight, and high strength.
Yellow weapon bag Zerust® ICT®510-C Weapon Protection Bags provide corrosion protection for up to five years* for weapons, weapon parts and accessories during shipment, storage and in-between operations. The bags are available in two sizes. The small size is designed to protect pistols and small accessories, and the large size s specifically for rifles.

Zerust® ICT®510-C Protection Bags are made from Zerust® ICT®510-C ferrous film material. Bags are clear to facilitate inspection. Each type and size is available in packs of 1, 10 or rolls of 100 bags.

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How to Use Zerust® ICT® Weapon Protection Bags – For Small Weapon Bag – Handgun Kit
How to Use Zerust® ICT® Weapon Protection Bags – For Large Weapon Bag – Rifle Kit
How to Use Zerust® ICT® Weapon Protection Bags – For Extra-Large Equipment Bag


Axxanol™ Z-Maxx Outdoor Corrosion Protection Replace your current preservative lubricant grease with Zerust® Axxanol™ Z-Maxx and reduce corrosion incidents and costs.
Zerust Axxanol 46-BIO Axxanol™ Z-Maxx provides superior corrosion protection in extreme weather and salt air conditions. It is ideal for protecting bare-metal parts and components of industrial machinery, military equipment, construction and forestry equipment, and electric motors. Z-Maxx can be used for protecting parts during operation or in long-term storage. This product is also easy to apply and remove—saving labor and maintenance costs.
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Vapor Capsules Supplement current corrosion inhibiting packaging methods by using Zerust® ICT® Vapor Capsules to protect interior surfaces of your shipment.
Military Equipment Protection Zerust® ICT® Vapor Capsules can be easily affixed to most surfaces with their peel-adhesive backing. Use Vapor Capsules to protect multimetal metal types from corrosion in almost any enclosure. Or use as a supplement to other Zerust® ICT® packaging products for added protection. Zerust® ICT® Vapor Capsules are ideal for use in electrical cabinets since they do not leave residues on contact surfaces.
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  • Proven corrosion protection
  • Easy to use in the field
  • Durable
  • Economical to use.
  • Suitable for new equipment and to protect the reliability of existing equipment.
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