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ZERUST® Parts Washing Fluids for Part Washing

Part washing is an essential step in the part manufacturing process, as contaminants and hydrocarbon soils are typically left on the parts during the metalworking process. These residual contaminants lead to corrosion issues at manufacturing facilities without adequate part washing.

ZERUST® AxxaWash™

ZERUST® AxxaWash™ part washer fluids effectively remove residual contaminants and hydrocarbon soils from the part’s surface, leaving it clean and contaminant-free, removing rust and corrosion issues.

No matter the part washing equipment you have at your facility, ZERUST® has the solution to provide corrosion-free results, as AxxaWash™ part washer fluids can be utilized in spray (low to ultra-high pressure), immersion, ultrasonic, or drum washers.

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ZERUST® AxxaWash™ part washer fluids feature low foaming aqueous-based products designed to quickly and effectively remove light to medium-duty hydrocarbon soils typically encountered in metalworking operations. This series will include alkaline products uniquely formulated to suit the customer and part-specific requirements based on alloy type, soil type, methods and parameters of application, as well as cleanliness levels and corrosion inhibition requirements.

Parts washer fluid

* Some cleaners may be safe to use on other substrates at lower concentrations, temperatures, and times. Contact a ZERUST® representative to discuss your specific application.
** Typical pH values.
+ Foaming propensity and degree of foaming depend on several factors such as temperature, surfactant type, spray application pressure, air entrainment, and type of soil/contaminant.

  • Contain no phosphates, silicates, alkylphenol ethoxylates, or boron salts
  • Low foaming
  • Can be used in ultrasonic, immersion, drum washers, and spray systems
  • Reduces flash-rust
  • Excellent light to medium-duty hydrocarbon soil cleaners
  • Mild alkaline cleaners
  • Hard water-compatible
  • Enhances the effectiveness of rust preventative coatings
  • Convenient concentrates