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ZERUST® VCI Paper Protects Steel Sheeting From Corrosion During Inventory Storage

  • Inventory Storage
  • Land Shipment
  • Work In Progress


Industrial supply and packaging distributor serving a large steel processing company


Looking for an efficient and clean way to protect stacks of steel sheets from corrosion


They wanted to move away from liquid rust preventative coatings


Steel sheets wrapped in ZERUST® ICT®430-35PCR VCI paper, providing them an efficient corrosion inhibitor that required no cleaning compared to previous liquid rust preventative coatings used

VCI Paper Steel
VCI Paper Steel


An industrial supply and packaging distributor looked to ZERUST® for recommendations to help them better serve their customer, the end-user, a large steel processing company located in the Midwest.  The steel processing company was looking for a more efficient and cleaner way to protect stacks of steel sheets from corrosion when they were stored in their warehouse, and they wanted to move away from liquid rust preventative coatings. In addition, they were looking for a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) packaging option that was strong, durable, and excellent at preventing corrosion for up to a year in storage.


After the ZERUST® Technical Sales Director reviewed the application with the distributor account manager and the end-user, it was determined that the best option would be for the end-user to wrap their steel sheets with ZERUST® ICT®430-35PCR VCI paper.  This product was selected because it was reinforced both with poly coating and fiberglass scrim, making it strong and durable enough for the customer’s application while also containing ZERUST’s proven VCI technology to prevent corrosion.

ZERUST® ICT®430-35PCR VCI paper protects steel sheeting from rust & corrosion
For 1 year

Customer Satisfaction


ZERUST® provided some sample products to allow the end-user to perform their in-house trials. After a few months of success, they were convinced this was the product to use moving forward to replace their old liquid rust preventative coating and plain steel wrap. Contact your ZERUST® Representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution most effective for your metal assets.

The end-user stated this was a cleaner and more time-efficient solution compared to how they were trying to protect their steel previously. In addition, the authorized ZERUST® distributor representative appreciated the continued technical support that ZERUST® provides as a supplier.
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