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ZERUST® Rust Remover Recover Rusted Cast Iron Parts—Saving Money and Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

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Service parts manufacturer and distribution center


Recovery of inventory cast iron parts that rusted in storage


Fulfill customer orders with clean, first-quality parts


ZERUST® ICT®620-RR Rust Remover safely and efficiently removes rust on valuable cast iron parts in inventory

Cast Iron Rust Remover
Cast Iron Rust Remover
Cast Iron Rust Remover


A leading manufacturer of service parts found over half of the inventoried cast iron parts rusting due to improper packaging and a leaky roof. Since inventory was tight, the company contemplated shipping these less than perfect parts out to private and municipal customers and, in so doing, ran the risk of disappointing its customers. However, a ZERUST® representative learned of the rust problem and provided a sample of ZERUST® ICT®620-RR Rust Remover.


The manufacturer tested ZERUST® ICT®620-RR Rust Remover on some rusty cast iron parts and was very pleased with the results. It not only removed the rust but was also very easy to use. ICT®620-RR Rust Remover works by loosening the iron oxide from the metal surface and does not affect other metals, paint, or plastic. Staff could soak rusty parts in the rust remover and rinse with de-ionized water. The manufacturer immediately used ICT®620-RR Rust Remover to remove the rust on all of the service parts.

Rust & Corrosion removed

Customer Satisfaction


ZERUST® ICT®620-RR Rust Remover helped recover the rusty service parts, saving the manufacturer money and ensuring that customers were satisfied. Contact a ZERUST® Representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution most effective for your metal assets.

ZERUST® ICT®620-RR Rust Remover quickly and easily recovered rusty parts—saving time, money, and satisfying customers.
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