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Zerust® Vapor Capsule ZAK-M22

Zerust®/Excor® ZAK-M22 Vapor Capsules are portable capsules that contain patented Zerust® VCI technology. Use to protect metals in hard-to-reach areas of control panels, electrical cabinets, and other enclosed spaces, even when they are in operation. Or use as a supplement to other Zerust® VCI packaging products for added protection.

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Zerust®/Excor® Vapor Capsule ZAK-M22 diffusers emit Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) that protect against the causes of corrosion. The capsules provide targeted corrosion protection in hard-to-reach spaces and work synergistically with other Zerust® products. Its VCI chemistry works quickly and is effective at neutralizing contaminants. Use to protect electronics and electrical components and inside enclosures such as musical instrument cases and gun cases.

Each capsule has a unique serial number and QR code printed on the label. This feature used along with the Zerust® ZAP App allows the user to be notified of the initial installation location and replacement schedule. Visit www.zerust.com/resources/apps for more information or to download the App.

Product Name
Normal Environment**
(below 0.2 ppm SO2)
Aggressive Environment**
(at or above 0.2 ppm SO2)
Volume of Protection
(Up to)
Protection Radius
(Up to)
Duration of Protection (Up To) Volume of Protection
(Up To)
Radius of Protection
(Up To)
Duration of Protection
(Up To)
ZAK-M22 35 ft³ (1 m³) 2 ft (60 cm) 2 years in
tightly sealed enclosure
3.5 ft³ (.1 m³) .2 ft (6 cm) 1 month in a tightly sealed enclosure


  • Fast-acting VCI protection
  • Unique QR code on every capsule and Zerust® ZAP App allows user to manage deployed capsules
  • Multimetal protection that neutralizes contaminants
  • Does not affect the circuit boards or sensitive components*
  • Suitable for new equipment and to protect the reliability of existing equipment

Zerust® Vapor Capsule ZAK-M22 is in stock for immediate delivery. Sold in cases of 10.

Product Name Part Number Volume of protection Quantity
ZAK-M22 375-M-00202 35 ft³ (1 m³) protection- Multimetal 10/Case