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Zerust® ActivCapsule™

Zerust® ActivCapsules™ can be easily affixed to most surfaces with their peel adhesive backing. Use them to provide flash-corrosion prevention on metals in almost any enclosure, or use as a supplement to other Zerust® ICT® packaging products for added protection.

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Zerust® FAC1-1(s) ActivCapsule™ provides flash-corrosion prevention on freshly worked metal surfaces. Zerust® ActivCapsule™ are drop-in emitters that contain proven Zerust® ICT® vapor corrosion inhibitors. The capsule works fast to provide ferrous metals and aluminum with flash-corrosion prevention and continues to protect for up to 1 year in an enclosure. When used as instructed, ActivCapsule™ also protects yellow metals such as copper and brass.

  • Provides fast-acting corrosion protection
  • Reduce corrosion incidents
  • Reduce need for inspection & rework
  • Does not leave residue on electrical contact surfaces
  • Easy to install, economical to use

Zerust® ActivCapsules™ are sold in cases of 50 units. Call for availability.

Part Number Volume of protection Protection Quantity
375-M-00106 4 ft³ protection Multimetal 50/Case

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