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A premier supplier of high quality industrial and home improvement tools – hand files and rasps in Mexico faced corrosion protection concerns with shipping new products to its distributors in the US and nationwide. They needed a solution to extend the integrity of their files for a longer period and be able to deliver rust free products to their distributor chain. They contacted Zerust®, as they were looking for a corrosion control company to assist with extending the rust protection of their final product. The customer was receiving claims on a regular bases and the rust preventatives they were using were not performing as they needed any more. The customer was absorbing a substantial cost of corrosion associated with returned shipments and loss of sales to competitors. They were looking for rust inhibiting solutions to protect individual cases with 12 files and the goal they set is to find a better rust preventative that can protect the files from rust in a salt fog chamber for 60 + hours. All components in question were ferrous files made from cast iron or high carbon steel and are known to be highly susceptible to rust from exposure to hot temperatures and humidity in Southern Mexico and weather changes.


After presenting our corrosion protection lab testing results and comparing them with the end customer’s own tests, it was decided that the best solution to protect the files was Zerust® AxxaClean™ NW-10C as a final rinse solution, and after the parts have dried, they would then apply Zerust® Axxanol™ 750 VCI oil. After Axxanol™ 750 VCI oil has dried on the parts, they are then interleaved with Zerust® ICT®420-35 VCI paper and boxed in numbers of 12 files per case. The powerful VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors) from the Axxanol™ 750 will fill all the void space inside of the individual boxes and protect the metal file surfaces from rust and corrosion during shipping and storage.

Water-based preservation cleaner rust prevention spray

Although the immediate cost of packaging for these hand files increased by 10%, the total cost of savings on scrap, rework, customer rejects, quality concerns, and lost sales associated with corrosion far exceeded the small increase in packaging cost. The customer’s recent first shipment from Southern Mexico to the United States was a success! No rust or corrosion was found on the files packed in the individual file cardboard cases. The customer is now implementing these products and procedures for all future land and overseas shipments and will use this packaging configuration for all their products in the Mexico market.