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ZERUST® VCI Packets Preserve the Internal Surfaces of Fuel Tank Systems During Shipping and Storage

  • Export Shipment
  • Inventory Storage
  • Land Shipment
  • Long Term Storage


World’s largest construction equipment manufacturer


ZERUST® ActivPak® protects the internal surfaces of a closed (sealed) fuel tank system from rust and corrosion during storage and shipping


The customer requested ZERUST® put together a corrosion protection system to preserve the internal surfaces of the fuel tank


ZERUST® developed an ActivPak®-35 packet container that fits the service points to allow adequate dispersion of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) into the vapor space

VCI Packet
VCI Packets
VCI Packets
VCI Packet
automotive corrosion protection


The world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer had a facility that fabricates and assembles power systems on skids for the Oil & Gas industry. The equipment manufacturer was in need of internal corrosion prevention of the fuel tank for the power system. The 1,650-gallon fuel tank was fabricated into the base of the skid assembly, using carbon steel alloys. They previously coated the interior walls of the baffled fuel tank system with a mixture of a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) additive and diesel. The coating was accomplished by rotating the massive skid’s base 360° on the horizontal axis. A uniform coating of the diesel/VCI mixture was completed after several rotations. The engineer wanted a solution that’s more efficient with regard to both labor and resources, to apply a VCI remedy to the internal surfaces of the fuel tank.


The manufacturer required 1 year of corrosion prevention in a closed (sealed) fuel tank system. ZERUST® initially discussed fogging a mixture of Axxanol™ 710C and diesel, after rinsing the system with AxxaVis™ HST-10 which thoroughly cleans the organic soils from all metal interior surfaces. This approach seemed plausible, but left concerns for moisture entrapment of the HST-10 in the baffled areas and Axxanol™ 710C had yet to be vetted as a compatible mixture with diesel. The discussion turned to the use of a VCI powder alternative, but consideration had to be given to both the deployment and removal of the powder. ZERUST® looked to ActivPak®-35 VCI diffuser packets as a product that would fill the entire vapor space, given an adequate number of packets could be inserted into the fuel tank. Retrieval of the packets was a concern, as failing to remove an individual packet could result in a fuel blockage scenario. There were a limited number of ingress points to insert the ActivPak®-35 packets and the opening size was close to 8”. ZERUST® developed a ActivPak®-35  VCI packet container that would fit down the (8) service points and was sealed with a threaded steel cap. A flanged lip was welded to the rim of the fabricated container, suspending it in the steel-capped area. The body of the steel was slotted with multiple vents, to allow adequate dispersion of the ZERUST® ActivPak®-35 packet VCI vapors into the vapor space.

ZERUST® ActivPak®-35 provides corrosion protection
For up to 2 years in normal environments

ZERUST® ActivPak®-35 provides corrosion protection
For up to 4 months in aggressive environments

Customer Satisfaction


The customer has been extremely happy with their corrosion free results and now rely on ZERUST® for all their storage and shipping VCI needs. Contact a ZERUST® Representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution most effective for your metal assets.

VCI sachet

ZERUST® ActivPak® provided the customer savings in product and labor costs, while providing corrosion-free results.
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