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Zerust® ICT®540-SDA VCI Film

Zerust®/Excor® SDA Advanced Film VCI bags are up to 10 times more effective at blocking gases that cause corrosion and reduce VCI effectiveness than traditional poly bags.

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Zerust® ICT®540-SDA VCI film combines Zerust® Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) chemistry with unique oxygen and gas blocking property. This patented technology is only available from Zerust® and gives the film the ability to protect metals from the causes of corrosion for years beyond traditional packaging products. The combination of VCI and gas barrier work together to comprehensively protect against the elements that cause corrosion. The Advanced film packaging must be tightly closed and heat sealed for long-term protection applications.

  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Exclusive patented technology
  • Metals are ready for use and assembly directly out of the packaging
  • Extreme long-term protection
  • Provides safe* and effective Zerust® VCI protection.
  • May be vacuum sealed for extreme long-term protection in acid gas environments.
  • Recyclable

Zerust®/Excor® ICT®540-SDA Advanced VCI Film is available in many custom additive options such as UV and Anti Static. Contact your account manager for pricing and availability.

Size Range (width):
Bags & Tubing:
2” – 125” (flat)
2” – 150” (gusset)
Sheeting: 2” – 26’

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