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ZERUST® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) Tape

ZERUST® has developed the unique ZERUST® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) tape using the proven platform of high-temperature self-fusing silicone tapes to deliver corrosion inhibitors to the surface of the pipe lengths under insulation.


  • Active inhibitor protection system that mitigates corrosion when moisture is present
  • Long-term protection at minimal cost
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove with no residues
  • Minimal/no surface preparation required
  • No heat or special equipment required for installation
  • Wide temperature range of application -49°F to 392°F (-45°C to 200°C)
  • Bonds to itself and remains non-tacky to the touch
  • Can be used for low-pressure leak prevention
  • Good mechanical and puncture resistance– will protect paint underneath
Product Description

Product Description

ZERUST® ZIF Tape is a corrosion-inhibiting tape based on silicone elastomers with proprietary ZERUST® chemistry integrated into the matrix. It combines ZERUST’s proven corrosion protection benefits with the specific properties of a self-fusing film for easy, cold application. It is stable under prolonged exposure to UV/sunlight and is translucent in appearance. It is non-tacky to the touch but will ‘fuse’ within ~30 seconds to form a long-lasting bond. In addition, it is elastic in nature and can be stretched to provide closer fits to surfaces to which it is applied. This close fit, coupled with the application tension, minimizes the gaps/spaces where moisture might penetrate.

The ZIF corrosion-inhibiting tape is simply wrapped over the pipe to be protected, over the existing coating, prior to the installation of the thermal insulation. Once installed, the inhibitors are most effective when there is moisture present and therefore mitigate corrosion caused by condensation and high-temperature flashing. The unique inhibitors are effective at temperatures up to 200°C. When moisture evaporates as the pipeline temperatures rise, the inhibitor is released to be redeposited under the silicone tape and in contact with the pipeline, where it is dormant until the temperatures drop and moisture re-condenses.



ZERUST® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) Tape Technical Data Sheet


ZERUST® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) Tape is available in 36 ft. long, individual, whole rolls in 2”, 4”, 12”, and 16” widths. Contact a ZERUST® account manager for pricing and availability.

Part Number Dimensions Quantity
250-F-00105 2” x 36’ 1 roll/Case
250-F-00108 4” x 36’ 1 roll/Case
250-F-00106 12” x 36’ 1 roll/Case
250-F-00107 16” x 36’ 1 roll/Case