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Acid Neutralizer
  • Acid Neutralizer

Zerust® AxxaVis™ PX-05-AN

Zerust®/Excor® AxxaVis™ PX-05-AN is a powder, that when added to rinse water, enables it to neutralize acids left by cleaning processes. Use as a final rinse to control flash corrosion on metals caused by acidic cleaning treatments, such as acid pickling and Zerust® AxxaClean™ rust removal products.

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Add AxxaVis™ PX-05-AN to water used as a rinse after cleaning metals with Zerust® AxxaClean™ rust removers or acid pickling. A solution of AxxaVis™ PX- 05-AN reduces flash corrosion caused by issues from acids, especially on highly reactive surfaces such as cast iron.

To use, dilute AxxaVis™ PX-05-AN in deionized water. When using tap sources, pretreat water with Zerust® AxxaVis™ PX-10-HRD. Spray or dip freshly cleaned parts in the AxxaVis PX-05-AN water solution and rapidly dry. Place items into Zerust®/Excor® VCI corrosion inhibitor packaging or rust preventatives for shipping or storage.

  • Controls flash corrosion
  • Neutralizes acids
  • Use as a spray or immersion
  • Safe and non-hazardous
Part Number Quantity Protection
460-F-00005 25 Pound Case Ferrous