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Zerust App


Zerust App

Zerust App

For access to the android apk file, install it directly below. For how to install an apk file directly to your phone, view this wiki article.
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The ZERUST® ZAP App helps you track and manage the replacement schedule of your ZERUST® Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology (VCI) diffuser products. It is important to replace ZERUST® VCI products in a timely manner for the correct corrosion protection. With the ZAP app, you can scan the QR code on the ZERUST® VCI diffuser product, or select the product from the drop-down menu, to log and track the installation location and date. In addition, you can set up a reminder (calendar, email, or both) to replace the ZERUST® VCI diffuser product.

• Track ZERUST® VCI diffuser products (location & expiration date)
• Take a photo of your enclosure so you can easily recall where it is installed
• Scan the QR code to track and identify each capsule by Serial Number easily
• Option to set a calendar/email reminder for when the VCI product is about to expire

Zerust App Zerust App Zerust App Zerust App