Zerust ICT520-PV VCI Film

Zerust ICT520-PV Film is soft, strong, flexible, padded and waterproof for superior corrosion protection in marine applications.

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Zerust® ICT®520-PV can be made at various thicknesses and converted into custom forms per client specifications. Zerust ICT520-PV Film is also reusable, non-abrasive and will not deteriorate.

Use Zerust ICT520-PV Film to protect metal parts and components in marine or other tough applications where a combination of corrosion protection and waterproof protection is required.

  • Reduce corrosion incidences
  • Improve shipment yield rates
  • Save money and resources
  • Comes with Zerust® global on-site support

Available in bags and rolls of sheeting at various thicknesses. For more information, please contact a Customer Service Representative.