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Zerust® ICT®504-LM Moisture-Limiting VCI Film

By lowering the water vapor transmission rate of the package, Zerust® ICT®504-LM Film prevents even normal levels of moisture from seeping through the package and causing corrosion.

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Zerust® ICT®504-LM Film provides significantly elevated corrosion protection for iron and steel while dramatically lowering the Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) of the package (30% reduction on average). The lower the Water Vapor Transmission Rate, the less moisture seeps through the package and onto metal parts (excess water in the pack can accelerate corrosion).

Zerust® ICT®504-LM is ideal for extended storage, international shipments, or any applications requiring long-term corrosion protection under harsh climatic stress conditions.

  • Reduce corrosion incidents
  • Protect high risk applications
  • Save money & resources
  • Comes with Zerust® global on-site support

Bags & sheeting
20″ – 100″ (51 cm – 254 cm)

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