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A Tier 1 automotive powertrain manufacturer started producing a new part that required Zerust® VCI protection during shipment to the end user. The manufacturer had an existing supply of Zerust®  2 mil Ferrous Yellow VCI bags. However, the VCI bags were too large for their new application and they found their employees were spending extra time on close winding the excess material into a twist, to seal the VCI bag closed in the returnable tote. They contacted Zerust® with the goal of finding a streamlined solution to make it easier for their employees to pack and close the VCI bags, allowing them to save on time and material cost.

VCI bag


A local Zerust® representative visited the customer’s facility to measure the tote used for their new part, and a new optimal VCI bag size was calculated. Samples were produced and a test fit exercise was conducted on-site at the production line by the Zerust® representative. The 2 mil Zerust® ferrous VCI bag was replaced with a smaller sized and optimum thickness Zerust® VCI bag. This saved the customer $0.025 per bag without compromise in performance or protection. The customer typically uses  1.2 million Zerust® VCI bags per year resulting in a $30,000 direct material savings. This excludes the customer’s much larger labor cost savings due to shorter packing cycle time with the change.

VCI bag

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