Zerust Axxanol 750-NV

Axxanol 750-NV
Zerust®/Excor® Axxanol 750-NV rust preventative oil provides robust corrosion protection to metal surfaces in an easy-to-use oil-based corrosion preventative coating. It offers corrosion protection for multiple metal types for up to 2 years indoors.

Axxanol 750-NV provides powerful corrosion protection against aggressive environments such as salt air and high temperatures for steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass and copper. It may be used with Zerust/Excor ICT VCI film packaging products for sheltered protection beyond 2 years. Apply by spray, brush or dip.

Axxol 750-NV leaves a clear, thin, oily film that can by removed with an alkaline cleaner. Typical Zerust Axxanol 750-N applications include corrosion protection for in-line rolling mill applications, cold rolled sheet and coils, wire bar, and cast and machined ferrous and non-ferrous metals during shipment and storage. Axxanol 750-NV remains sprayable at sub-zero temperatures of -10°F (-23°C). 

All in one VCI, contact inhibitor, and barrier protection
Sprayable and easy to remove
Protects in hard-to-reach voids and chambers. 
Multimetal protection 

350-M-00033PL - 5 Gal 
350-M-00033DR - 55 Gal

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