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Zerust. A green solution. 

Using Zerust® Corrosion Inhibiting VCI bags and rust preventative coatings to protect metals and rust removers to restore parts saves up to 95 percent of the energy that is required to produce new parts. Preventing rust also reduces CO2 emissions associated with reprocessing scrap into new parts and the environmental waste stream from failed parts. 

 Zerust Helps Remanufacturing

​Zerust is also a key tool for remanufacturing operations. Industrial remanufacturing refurbishes items such as engines, transmissions and other valuable assemblies into like-new condition. This prevents large amounts of waste from going to a landfill by rebuilding and making it usable again. Often the rebuilt part has the same expected life as the original new part. The energy saved by recycling one pound of steel can run a 60-watt light bulb for over a day.

 Zerust is Recyclable

Not only do Zerust products prevent waste, they are also environmentally responsible. Zerust VCI poly bags and films, and kraft paper products are recyclable. Check with local and national regulations on disposal options.

 Zerust is REACH Information

​As part of Zerust's ongoing internal review process we are currently evaluating our products for compliance with all REACH regulations. During this review period we will not be making any claims regarding compliance with applicable regulations. If you require additional information please contact us at Thank you for your patience as we continue our efforts to ensure the utmost safety and compliance of all our Zerust products.


Look for these color-coded plus signs throughout the site and our brochures that identify products with positive safety and/or environmental properties. It is important to us that our products are as easy as possible to safety and accurately use.

Safe for People and the Environment: Product is not considered hazardous for people or the environment according to European Union's Classification Labelling and Packing criteria (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP), or OSHA's hazard communication standard 2012 (29 CFT 1910. 1200), also known as US GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals).
Non-Hazardous Disposal: Product in unopened original container prior to use does not meet criteria for hazardous waste in the United States according to 40 CFR 261 (no components listed on F, K, P, or U lists; not ignitable, not corrosive, not reactive and not toxic). Please consult local regulations before disposing of any chemical to ensure proper disposal method and compliance with applicable regulations.

Reduces Waste: Product reduces the impact on the environment by extending material life and reducing waste and energy associated with rework or producing new items. 




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