Zerust ICT540-SDA Film

Zerust ICT540-SDA bag
Use Zerust ICT540-SDA Film to protect your parts in extreme long-term storage up to 20 years.

Zerust® ICT®540-SDA poly bags provide breakthrough corrosion protection for metal parts. The product protects in extreme long-term storage up to 20 years. It even prevents corrosion when sealed packages are exposed to contaminated atmospheric environments, such as industrial acid gas environments and intense smog and sea air. The ICT540-SDA bags protect ferrous and non-ferrous multiple metal types from rust and corrosion.

Zerust ICT540-SDA effectively protects metals even in highly corrosive environments. Special patent pending technology and chemistries of this material isolates and dramatically slows down the rate of corrosion on protected metals. This results in significantly stronger corrosion protection and long-term performance.

Zerust ICT540-SDA is NTIC's patented unique corrosion protection technology.

Bags (flat and gusset)

Size Range: 
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Green is the standard color for Zerust ICT540-SDA Multimetal Film. Other colors available upon request.

Protection Type: 
Multimetal corrosion protection capability

Protection Life: 
Will protect clean & dry metal surfaces for up to 20 years when properly sealed, packed and stored.

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