Zerust ICT Vapor Capsules

Zerust ICT Vapor Capsules
Supplement current corrosion inhibiting packaging methods by using Zerust ICT Vapor Capsules to protect interior surfaces of your shipment.

Zerust® ICT® Vapor Capsules are easy-to-use, portable capsules that contain patented Zerust ICT corrosion inhibiting technology. The Vapor Capsules work in enclosed spaces to emit vapor corrosion inhibiting molecules that settle on and protect metal surfaces. 

Zerust ICT Vapor Capsules can be easily affixed to most surfaces with their peel-adhesive backing. Use Vapor Capsules to protect multimetal metal types from corrosion in almost any enclosure. Or use as a supplement to other Zerust ICT packaging products for added protection. Zerust ICT Vapor Capsules are ideal for use in electrical cabinets since they do not leave residues on contact surfaces.

Product Name and
Part Number
Volume of Protection Radius of Duration of Protection Adhesive Backing NSN National Stock Number
VC1-1 (S)
4 ft³ (0.12 m³) 1 ft (0.3 m) 1 year Yes 6850-01-426-3539
4 ft³ (0.12 m³) 1 ft (0.3 m) 1 year Yes 6850-01-338-1393
Prior: 4440-01-481-3150*
35 ft³ (1 m³) 2 ft (0.6 m) 1 year Yes 6850-01-475-9949
Prior: 4440-01-475-9949*
Prior: 6850-01-345-7431*
35 ft³ (1 m³) 2 ft (0.6 m) 2 years Yes 6850-01-133-0373
900 ft³ (25 m³)  6 ft (2 m) 1 year  No 6850-01-590-1676


900 ft³ (25 m³) 6 ft (2 m) 2 years No 6850-01-348-1090
Prior: 6850-01-348-1390*


Sold by the case. Call for pricing and quantity information.

Protection Type: 
Available in multimetal corrosion protection capability.

Protection Life: 
Will protect metals for 1 to 2 years (depending on the product model) if positioned properly within an enclosure. Limit air exchange within the enclosure to maximize the protection life.




Case Studies:

Case Study: Zerust VCI Capsules and Bags Protect Marine Equipment from Corrosion at Sea

Case Study: Zerust Replaces Desiccant-Barrier Packaging for Corrosion Control and Cost Reduction

Case Study: Zerust Vapor Capsules are a Safe and Convenient Corrosion Solution for Electronics During Overseas Shipping

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NSN: 6850-01-133-0373



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