Zerust-NIC (Taiwan) Corp.

King Tower Building, B-Bridge, 5FL-1
No. 243, SEC.1 Fu-Hsing S. Rd.
Taipei, TAIWAN

Mr. Keiji Uemura
Phone: 886 2 2702 1300
Fax: 886 2 2702 1311
Email: keiji@nikka-j.co.jp 

For all sales inquiries contact sales@zerust.com.tw and tsai@zerust.com.tw  
Web: www.zerust.com.tw


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For expert Zerust® support in the USA and Canada

Call +1 (763) 404-8701 | sales@zerust.com for products, MSDS, pricing, shipping, and other inquiries.
Call +1 (763) 404-8702 | techsupport@zerust.com for technical questions about products and their applications.

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