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Spray-On Corrosion Protection for Machinery During Sea-Freight Journey

A leading US manufacturer of heavy-duty road construction machinery required corrosion protection for its equipment in challenging conditions. High-value, fully assembled machinery needed protection during international shipping and outdoors at the jobsite. The company needed a product that is safe for paint, while protecting bare metal, exposed wiring, and electrical boxes in shipping, operations and during downtime at construction sites. 

The Solution

Zerust Spray-G proved a complete solution that was easy to apply and remove. A thin uniform coat has the protection capability of a thick grease, but it can easily be applied using a pressurized sprayer. The product prevents corrosion on multiple metal types for one year outdoors and two years under shelter, while being safe for painted surfaces, electronics and wiring. 

The machinery traveled from the US to Australia on the open deck of a ship. Upon arrival, the light-grease protective layer was easily removed with a biodegradable alkaline cleaner. The machinery was in factory-produced condition and ready to be put into service. 

Equipment tread coated in Axxanol Spray-G is clean and rust-free upon arrival. 

Non-critical area left unprotected by Axxanol Spray-G during shipment. Unprotected area quickly rusted. 



Manufacturer of road construction machinery

Spray-on grease for corrosion protection during overseas shipping and outdoor storage

Needed easy to apply and remove protection for oversized machinery

Applied Axxanol Spray-G for corrosion-free results even in extreme outdoor conditions

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