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Zerust® VCI Capsules and Bags Protect Marine Equipment from Corrosion at Sea

Corrosion damage is especially prevalent in marine environments, where salty air, often combined with high temperatures and humidity levels make corrosion prevention a challenge. A major naval organization faced serious corrosion issues on ship aids to navigation, bail-out pump motors and small engines. Corrosion in these areas cause malfunctions and reliability problems that are not only costly to repair, maintain, or replace, but also puts the people that rely on this equipment at risk. The naval organization's efforts to combat corrosion included methods such as oiling, scraping and painting. All of these methods were inefficient, ineffective and costly.

The Solution

They needed a solution that would help mission critical equipment stay operational and reliable. At the recommendation of Zerust, the organization decided to use Zerust Vapor Capsules and Zerust ICT510-C Ferrous VCI Bags and Sheeting to protect their aids to navigation, bail-out pump motors and small engines for a six month trial period. The tests were extremely successful! No new corrosion was found on any of the equipment. Zerust product proved to be an effective solution against corrosion by improving boat operational readiness, equipment reliability and saving critical resources such as time, manpower and money.

Zerust VCI bags protected bail-out pumps from corrosion until they are needed.

Zerust VC2-1 Vapor Capsules prevented corrosion and eliminating electrical problems in boat battery compartments



Major naval organization

Corrosion prevention on equipment at sea

Increase operational readiness and reduce maintenance due to corrosion

Enclosed mission critical equipment in Zerust ICT510-C VCI Film and Bags and protected electronics with Vapor Capsules

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