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Zerust® ActivPak® Controls Rust in Challenging Production and Shipping Environments

A large US auto manufacturer was plagued by autoparts arriving to assembly facilities corroded. To add to the challenge, the parts had to be packed hot which created condensation. The manufacturer could not use oils and the parts had a storage period prior to use. The Zerust team of corrosion technicians were invited to diagnose the problem and create a packaging solution.

The Solution

Zerust engineers discovered that contaminants from the casting process were on the parts. Zerust recommended using sturdy reusable totes instead of wooden pallets, lined with Zerust VCI poly bags. To combat contaminants and flash-corrosion, Zerust ActivPak VCI diffuser packets were dispersed throughout the container. This packaging system provided immediate and long-term corrosion protection. The new packaging design solved corrosion issues and greatly reduced costs associated with rework and scrap. 

Crankshafts packed in reusable totes lined with Zerust VCI Bags. Zerust ActivPaks are dropped in for fast-acting protection.

Cast steel automotive parts arrive in Mexico clean and free of corrosion. 



Major US auto manufacturer

Corrosion management for cast parts

Reduce rust problems on contaminated parts that cannot be oiled

Switched to Zerust ActivPak with Zerust VCI Film packaging, eleminating corrosion on rust-prone parts

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