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Zerust® Recovers Rusted Parts—Saving Money and Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

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A leading manufacturer of service parts found over half of inventoried steel parts rusting due to improper packaging and a leaky roof. Since inventory was tight, the company contemplated shipping these less than perfect parts out to private and municipal customers and, in so doing, run the risk of disappointing its customers. A Zerust representative learned of the rust problem and provided a sample of Zerust ICT620-RR Rust Remover. The solution...

Product: Zerust ICT®620-RR Rust Remover

Zerust Recovers Tarnishes Sensors and Provides Protection From Further Corrosion with Anti-Tarnish Scavenger Film

An OEM service and parts organization needed to distribute 40,000 sensors crucial to the operation of equipment they sold over the last 10 years as part of their warranty coverage. These parts were in inventory storage for many years and were no longer produced. When samples of these sensors were inspected before shipment, the sensors were found to have black copper oxidation on exposed areas of the gold plated contact leads. All 40,000 sensors were deemed unusable for their purpose and no replacement was found. The solution...

Product: Zerust ICT520-CB1 Anti-Tarnish Film

Zerust Cold-Seal Film Reduces Packaging Time For Automotive Parts Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of axles and other automotive parts wanted to find a faster, more efficient corrosion inhibiting packaging solution to protect gears, axles and differential units during service and inter-plant shipment. Typically, these parts are wrapped with VCI film and secured with tape. However, this process is very labor intensive, taking an average of four minutes to wrap and tape a single part. The solution...

Product: Zerust ICT520-CSL Film

Zerust VCI Capsules and Bags Protect Marine Equipment from Corrosion at Sea

Corrosion damage is especially prevalent in marine environments, where salty air, often combined with high temperatures and humidity levels make corrosion prevention a challenge. A major naval organization faced serious corrosion issues on ship aids to navigation, bail-out pump motors and small engines. Corrosion in these areas cause malfunctions and reliability problems that are not only costly to repair, maintain, or replace, but also puts the people that rely on this equipment at risk. The naval organization's efforts to combat corrosion included methods such as oiling, scraping and painting. All of these methods were inefficient, ineffective and costly. The solution...

Products:  Zerust ICT510-C VCI Film and Bags and Vapor Capsules

Zerust Replaces Desiccant-Barrier Packaging for Corrosion Control and Cost Reduction

An international crating company needed to find a better corrosion solution than their current method of desiccants with sealed barrier packaging. Finding an effective solution was crucial to the company since their worldwide shipments pass through temperature and humidity swings that can accelerate corrosion. The company was unhappy with the desiccant-barrier packaging method because the desiccants became saturated and needed to be replaced at least every six months, increasing material and labor costs. Also, the barrier packaging frequently became punctured and moisture rapidly filled the desiccants making them ineffective. Once the desiccants became saturated, they became a source of corrosion by emitting moisture back into the package. The solution...

Products: Zerust ICT510-C Film and Vapor Capsules

Zerust Vapor Capsules are a Safe and Convenient Corrosion Solution for Electronics During Overseas Shipping

A major manufacturer of military aircrafts needed fuselage electronics, tooling sets, wing sections, and even complete aircrafts to arrive without corrosion. However, when using oils and greases to protect metals the manufacturer's engineers noticed corrosion in various areas. After working with the Zerust corrosion management team, the company applied Zerust corrosion prevention solutions to stop corrosion during shipment. Using Zerust helped them proactively meet their stringent contract and industry standards while safely managing corrosion. The solution...

Product: Zerust ICT800 Vapor Capsules

Zerust Streamlines Packaging to Save Time, Reduce Costs and Improve Corrosion Protection

A contract manufacturing and packaging house was looking to reduce costs. They were hard-packing thousands of parts a day in VCI paper and sealing them with tape. Unfortunately, there were no machines available to make the process more efficient that were compatible with VCI paper. The solution...

Product: Zerust ICT510-CHLD High Density VCI Film

Zerust VCI Film Reduces Corrosion Costs and Fixes Rust Issues Created by Generic Film Product

When a major international automobile manufacturer switch to a cheaper corrosion-inhibiting solution for overseas CKD shipments, it didn’t anticipate the cost-cutting decision to cause a negative effect on its bottom line. Prior to reducing spending, the company used Zerust VCI corrosion-inhibiting packaging film and had no corrosion problems. Soon after switching to a generic product, the company learned the true costs of preventable corrosion.

It wasn't long before complaints of corrosion were reported by customer plants in the U.S. The lower-cost corrosion-inhibiting products, while promoted as "similar" to Zerust VCI film, actually performed less effectively than plain polyethylene packaging that contained no corrosion inhibitors! Complaints and part replacements were costing the company over $200,000 USD—with no end in sight. The solution...

Product: Zerust ICT510-C VCI Film

Zerust VCI Film Eliminates Corrosion on Metal Auto Components in Overseas Shipping

A Russian automaker experienced corrosion on stamped metal surfaces during CKD (complete knock-down) shipments from Russia to Ecuador. They used various oils as their corrosion protection method, which proved to be ineffective as well as an environmentally hazardous means of protection. The auto manufacturer needed a different solution that would work effectively, efficiently and without the contamination and clean-up that comes with using oil. The solution...

Product: Zerust ICT510-C VCI Film

Spray-On Corrosion Protection for Machinery During Sea-Freight Journey

A leading US manufacturer of heavy-duty road construction machinery required corrosion protection for its equipment in challenging conditions. High-value, fully assembled machinery needed protection during international shipping and outdoors at the jobsite. The company needed a product that is safe for paint, while protecting bare metals, exposed wiring, and electrical boxes in shipping, operations and during downtime at construction sites. The solution...

Product: Zerust Axxanol Spray-G

Zerust ActivPak Controls Rust in Challenging Production and Shipping Environments

A large US auto manufacturer was plagued by autoparts arriving to assembly facilities corroded. To add to the challenge, the parts had to be packed hot which created condensation. The manufacturer could not use oils and the parts had a storage period prior to use. The Zerust team of corrosion technicians were invited to diagnose the problem and create a packaging solution. The solution...

Product: Zerust ActivPak




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