Proven Solutions from Zerust, the "Original" VCI Film Company

For over 35 years, Zerust has delivered safe and effective corrosion solutions across the globe. Zerust®/Excor®has onsite representation in 60-plus countries and multiple international laboratories, to provide seamless support wherever you need it. Have a challenging corrosion prevention need, such as overseas shipping or storage in corrosive environments? Contact Zerust for a comprehensive corrosion management solution to meet your needs. 


Northern Technologies International Corporation

Northern Technologies International Corporation ("NTIC") is in the business of developing and using environmentally beneficial materials science to bring value added products and services to its customers. NTIC's main product line is the Zerust/Excor line of corrosion inhibiting products and services.


NTIC's management system conforms to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.

The Zerust Approach 

  • We identify and resolve corrosion causes in processes.
  • We eliminate unnecessary customer packaging and materials handling processes.
  • We design optimal customer corrosion inhibiting solutions.
  • ​We provide point-to-point customer service in over 60 countries.

Please visit the websites of the other environmental beneficial products, services and technologies in the NTIC family.



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